25 Jan

5 Tips for dealing with Facebook’s latest algorithm update

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, recently announced his intention to change the goal of Facebook’s News Feed. Instead of providing millions of users with relevant content, the focus will now be on promoting content that elicits meaningful interactions.


That means posts from your friends, family, and groups will take the top spots in your news feed. And while this is good news for those of us who use this platform to keep in touch and informed, it will affect those who use Facebook Business Pages to promote their business.


If you manage your company’s Facebook page, you will have noticed that organic reach has declined significantly over the years. And with these recent changes, your figures are likely to drop even further.


 Has anything really changed?


This isn’t the first time that Facebook has changed their algorithm, and it won’t be the last. Given that organic reach has declined over the years, will this update make any difference?


It will, so if you’re not already doing the following, start now with:


  • Creating high-quality content that adds value to your followers
  • Encouraging users to interact with you but avoiding clickbait
  • Finding new ways to tell your story without pushing sales


What can you do to ensure your Facebook followers still see your content?


Posting your latest promotions, funny memes and cat videos just won’t cut it anymore. If you want to continue using this social media platform as part of your social media marketing strategy, try these tips:


  1. Create more video content

If there’s one type of content that gets more engagement than anything else—it’s video. Don’t be reluctant to experiment with the medium, especially if no-one else in your industry is using it. Even B2B businesses can use video effectively; think of doing an interview with your CEO, a behind-the-scenes segment on your manufacturing process or product demonstrations.


You could also use Facebook’s own live-streaming feature, Facebook Live to broadcast live from events and exhibitions. Be sure to tell your followers when you’ll be going live so they can catch your broadcast.


  1. Post your content on other channels

If you publish regular blogs on your website, and you share these links on your Facebook page, think about other places where you could share this content. You can investigate other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.


Reach out to other websites (not your competition, obviously) related to your industry, and ask them if they’d be interested in sharing your content on their website or social media accounts.


  1. Ask your followers to activate the See First option

Making sure your followers see your posts could be as simple as asking them. Simply tell your followers to navigate to your Facebook page, click on the ‘Following’ button and select ‘See First’ from the drop-down menu. If they do this, they’ll be less likely to miss your updates.


  1. Create a Facebook Group for your page

Last year, Facebook made it possible for Business Pages to create Group Pages. Previously, you could only create a group in your personal capacity. While this has opened up more opportunities for businesses to share their content on Facebook, keep the following in mind if you decide to create a group:


  •  Don’t use your group to promote your business: Remember, the purpose of a group is share information, so focus on providing your members with relevant content.


  • Be firm about spam: Create a set of guidelines for your group and add it to your description. If your members are constantly bombarded with irrelevant spam, they’ll leave.


  • Encourage your members to provide feedback: Your group is a direct line to your customers, so get them involved by asking for feedback on your products or services.


  • Use your group to provide great customer service: Let your customers use the group to contact you with their questions and concerns. Answer comments swiftly and demonstrate your commitment to keeping your customers happy.


  1. Invest in Facebook Ads

It’s called ‘pay to play’. It’s the one way you’re guaranteed to reach a wider audience on Facebook. Paid advertising on Facebook is inexpensive. It allows you to reach a specific demographic. If you think about the time you currently spend maintaining your page, and the fact that you’re unlikely to see a decent return on the hours you put in, it’s worth experimenting with Facebook Ads.


However, if you’re unfamiliar with setting up Facebook Ads, you could still be wasting your money. Don’t hesitate to partner with a digital marketing agency that has experience in advertising on social media. While it will cost you more than running a campaign yourself, you’ll get a better return on your investment.


As the largest social media platform out there, businesses can’t afford to ignore this growing platform. While changes to the algorithm will affect your results, there are still lots of opportunities to explore.


If you see the potential of Facebook, but you don’t have the time or expertise to manage it yourself, call Web Changes. We’ll create optimized content for your account and set-up and manage your paid advertising efforts for a very reasonable fee.

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