09 May

The Boss Restaurant: Case Study


The Boss Restaurant is a family restaurant in Northcliff, Gauteng, which offers affordable dining with a wide variety of seafood, grill and pasta dishes.


In an environment where the online world is becoming our reality, The Boss realized the need to adapt social media awareness practices to their business objectives. The Boss Restaurant needed to boost their online presence. They did so  to familiarize and engage the public with the restaurant. Moreover, they needed to keep customers informed on valuable content, such as upcoming specials.


Web Changes took on the challenge of boosting their online presence by creating and managing The Boss Restaurant’s website and social media accounts, namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our team produced and published content which showcased their latest specials that ran during respective time periods. The “play on words” approach was applied to their content to attract the reader to the upcoming specials.
Instagram and Twitter accounts where then set up by our team. We took the liberty of engaging with potential clients by following customers within the demographic to boost awareness and attract new customers, as well as maintain a relationship with current customers.


Web Changes managed to boost their engagement and followers on these respective social media platforms. Facebook increased steadily with total of 3148 followers, in which 14+ followers where gained in the past month. Instagram followers increased from 0 to 150 followers. Twitter also increased from 0 to 60 followers.
Posts that were consistently shared across these platforms managed to gain appraisable insights. A Meat Platter special posted on Twitter managed to gain over 5,000 views. A Seafood Platter special posted on Facebook managed to gain over 1,000 views due to the ‘play on words’ approach. All posts like these resulted in engagement of the content, which is the desired outcome when applying social media awareness practices.

In creating awareness on all these social platforms fosters consistency and transparency of The Boss Restaurant as a brand. It allowed potential or current customers to keep up to date with what the business has to offer, giving the customer convenience and value added content, which also shows that The Boss puts their customers at top priority.

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