08 Sep

The statistics that prove blogging is good for business

For a cost-effective, proven way to generate more leads for your business, it’s hard to beat blogging. Think about it. Your blog keeps on working, even when you’re not in the office. Content that offers real value never gets old. And your target market will find posts that you published several months ago, still offer relevant and useful information.


Blogging is also inexpensive. Apart from the small cost involved in hosting a blog, you don’t have to spend money on it. It does take some and effort, but the results you get are well worth it. If you’re still not convinced that blogging can increase your sales, these ten statistics are bound to change your mind.

1.Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate information online.

Blogging gives you the chance to show off your company’s personality. Written in an informal, less ‘salesy’ tone makes them more personal than advertising copy. Think about your target market and post content that helps people solve problems.

2.Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

Creating relevant content not only makes you look like a leader in your industry, it also increases inbound links to your site. People are always keen to share valuable content. This results in more links sending more visitors your ways.

3.Companies with active blogs generate 55% more site visits.

Blogging regularly can bring more traffic to your site than paid advertising. Users are likely to click on organic search results when they’re looking for information about a product or a company. They’ll also be more receptive to you message if they read your blog.

4.Posting every day generates four times more new leads than if you post once a week or less.

While it may not be possible for a small business to post every day, this statistic makes it clear that it pays to post as often as possible. It may even be worth outsourcing your blog to a specialist. The more you blog, the more you can reap the benefits it offers.

5.80% of blog visits are from new users.

If you’re looking to increase awareness of your brand, this statistic should make you sit up and take notice. Use your blog as an opportunity to connect with new customers as quickly as possible. Get them to sign up for your newsletters. Then you can start your email marketing plan and convert them from a visitor to a paying customer.

6.81% of internet users say they trust information and advice from blogs.

The whole purpose of a blog is to inform prospects and demonstrate how your product or service can make a difference to them. With the right content, your blog can become your most convincing salesperson.

7.61% of customers have made a purchase based on recommendations from blogs.

That’s more than half the number of internet users! If you sell a product, consider looking for people who blog for your target market and ask them to endorse your product on their blog. You get the added bonus of an authentic recommendation of your product.

8.Businesses that blog have more than four times as many indexed pages.

The more pages you have indexed, the bigger your online presence is and this can make a difference to your search rankings. Should you want to be found online, adding blogging to your marketing plan is an easy way to get noticed.


If you’re not blogging for your business, these statistics are a clear indicator that you should get started as soon as possible. If you are blogging, but your attempts are half-hearted and sporadic, these statistics will convince you that you need to step up your game. Blogging does require some thought and effort. Use a content calendar to help you plan your blogs in advance.


Create content that’s useful, good quality and worth sharing, and you’ll find that blogging really can make a difference to your bottom line.


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