If you have a product that’s best explained with a demonstration, you might want to consider creating a video. That way, you can show your customers exactly how your product works and its benefits.

Once you’ve created your video, you can upload it to YouTube. The platform not only provides a space for the public to upload and share videos, it has a social networking side too. Users can send video links to each other or embed a video on their website. And because the video is hosted on YouTube’s website, your bandwidth won’t be affected.

This is ideal for companies that want to add a new visual dimension to their website. But, before you can upload your video, it must meet some criteria. The file type and size should be adapted so that it loads efficiently.


Web Changes is able to assist you with conversion, preparation and uploading of your video files. We’ll also help you create your own YouTube channel where you can display your videos and promote your company.

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