01 May

Why is Digital Marketing important?

Digital Marketing is a broad term referring to a spectrum of services, techniques, and products that use the internet as a medium. It provides reach to customers in creating awareness, generating leads and improve sales. It includes services such as  Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Networking, Blogging and Website Maintenance. Companies need to investigate all channels when marketing their services or products.

The internet is the most important channel due to convenience and popularity.  At the mention of a keyword on a mobile device, one can find the services or products you need online.  More importantly, these devices are more often than not, with the person.  The public has immediate access to information that could influence their decision.

This form of marketing has become a very calculated technique.  It is digital, meaning that users often provide their information and demographics.  Demographical information facilitates the creation of a marketing strategy.  This has leveled the playing field between large and small companies because sound digital marketing campaigns are well in reach of smaller companies within a feasible budget.  Smaller companies now have access to information that only larger companies could obtain.

Digital Strategies

1. Search Engine Optimization

This a technique that promotes a business’s rating and position on search engines. They use certain keywords that customers would search.  This technique occurs on a generic level, without having to pay search engines for a good position.  While it could be competitive, it is achievable to bring your website to an optimized state.  It is well known among the digital marketing industry what the factors of a well-optimized site are.  It is measurable and affordable, which makes it a possibility for small business owners.

2. Search Engine Marketing or PPC Campaigns

These are options that attract highly targeted traffic.  One can specify demographics in campaign settings.  Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns on social media platforms have provided campaign managers with personal information about their habits, interests, and age.  If one measures this next to billboards or printed ads where it is not possible to target users on such a precise level, search engine marketing becomes a profitable and cost-effective technique.

3. Social Media Networking

This strategy needs continuous work, but if you update your website regularly with a newsletter or newsworthy content, a social platform is just the place to post it.  Once you have followers on your social media platform, they will see every time you post something.  These posts are linked to your website to generate traffic to specific areas that you would like to draw attention to.  It is the type of strategy one can do in your stride and it has a massive influence on website rating.

4. Website Maintenance

This occurs when one performs changes or updates to your website.  Continued website maintenance is important because every website indexed on search engines is re-visited by those search engines to check if any changes occurred since the last visit.  Websites are checked by Search Engines to identify any new and relevant information.  When Search Engines find regular updates on a website with noteworthy information, they receive a better rating than their counterparts.  Remember, search engines are in the business of providing information, so they will show preference to websites that can satisfy their potential end users. For the same reason, blogging is a very useful digital marketing tool.

5. Blogging

With blogging, the web owner starts a specific discussion thread. Comments can then be posted from the public.  When the public comments on those threads, the web owner has the choice of accepting their comments and activating them on their website.  This is results in new information and positive perceptions of your website and its viewers.


Online marketing techniques contribute to new sales leads.  Combining all of them could place a company well above its competitors and capture the internet segment of their target market.

Implementing all of these techniques in one synchronized effort might require the assistance of a professional web maintenance company.  Of course, once it starts showing dividends, it could be the greatest investment you have ever made for your company.

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