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Customer Relationship Management Software

What is CRM Software?

CRM Software or Customer Relationship Management Software is a system that gathers all information about clients into one place. These systems are usually available to each department in the company and it collects all activity including valuable notes, comments, sales behaviour, purchase history (the list goes on…) into one comprehensive database. A system such as this can be the difference between annoying and delighting your customers and a well designed and managed CRM can propel a business into the stratosphere.

Why do you need one?

It is important to mention – not all businesses with customers will benefit from a CRM. So, you need to ascertain your company’s individual needs before investing in one of these systems.

If you have lengthy buying processes that requires a lot of information to be transferred in order to complete the sale, your company could benefit from such a system. If you want to retain your customers and keep your client base happy, it may benefit you to think of your buying process first. Creating a frictionless buying process will make the customer experience so much better and will lead to a higher likelihood of them singing your praises to their friends and family. Most markets have at least a few competitors vying for customer attention. Most customers do not even take the time to complain – they simply find another supplier. Avoid losing customers over something that is entirely controllable, like how easy it is for customers to obtain your product

There are several other factors to consider when deciding on whether or not you need a CRM such as the size and complexity of your company, the complexity of the information that you collect about your clients and most importantly, the level of satisfaction among your clients once they have interacted with your company. A few other factors like, how quickly your business has grown and whether or not you are missing business or sales opportunities, you could benefit from a CRM.

Should you buy off the shelf, or should you custom design one?

This is entirely your choice – and you should make this decision while keeping may factors in mind. If you choose and off the shelf system, you will need to see how long it will take for this system to be integrated into your company and if it is possible for it to integrate with existing systems.

A Custom designed CRM can be tailored entirely to your individual business needs. You have complete control over what needs to appear in your CRM and how it needs to interact with each individual and each department in your business. These systems are adjustable over time and they can grow and change with your business.

A CRM platform could help your business in ways you never thought possible if the system suits your business, is well managed and is available to your employees and customers at the right time when the sale, service or transaction is taking place. Whether you are a small business only starting out, or you are established in your market, this valuable system could really benefit your business.

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