18 Jun 2018

WHY Web Changes for Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing – a term that can either overwhelm you or leave you confused. That’s because this term now comes with concepts that you may not be aware of. Digital marketing holds undeniable benefits for your company’s growth and profitability.

It may already be evident to you that our marketplace is increasingly more digital as the years go by, which is now forcing companies to turn their marketing strategies to the digital world. Whether your company is big or small, digital marketing is vital to market, engage and build relationships with your consumers.


The Importance of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing firstly ensures for a company’s online survival. We cannot look through the Yellow Pages for required products and services any more. As social media is an online medium that is ever growing, it is considered the absolute most cost-efficient and effective tool to network content throughout the world. Therefore increasing a business’ visibility and credibility. It allows engagement with a broad audience of consumers. Having a strong online presence will boost your marketplace awareness, as the online realm runs 24.7, 365, across various platforms and demographics. One of the most insightful methods of learning what your clients want and need is through communicating on this marketplace platform. Use this path to allow yourself and customers to make informed decisions.


Moreover, this form of marketing generates higher revenues for your business as it is cost-effective and easy to use. Digital marketing creates exposure of your company in the digital world. As such, it targets your audience directly and efficiently, which leads customers to your business and increases revenue.


The only to find out how effective your digital marketing strategy is, is through measurement. Digital marketing enables measurable lead generation, offering customer information based on their online behavior. You can use all the data to make informed decisions that improve online and offline business performance. Digital marketing also boosts inbound traffic to your website, through brand recognition via social media. Using social media as part of your digital marketing strategy gains more reach to your loyal customers and potential customers with greater ease.


Google will become your best friend when applying digital marketing as it increases business rankings on Google searches, putting you on top of your competitors. Websites that contain keyword rich, relevant and well written content is considered Search Engine Optimized.  This ranks them at the top and makes your website the go-to source in the industry.


Having an active online presence with various social media accounts is vital for your websites SEO. SEO is another great digital marketing tool that holds undeniable benefits. Through optimizing your website and social media content, you can reach more customers online based on relevant key words that they would search for regarding your industry and services.


Lastly, digital marketing allows for you to effectively build a relationship with your consumers to create a positive image. Despite the efforts of an accurately constructed corporate identity and content management, we develop  brands based on the interpretations of customers through experience. Brands rely on positive feedback and interpretation. Therefore, consistent communication via digital marketing ensures that their perceptions match the correct message your content and corporate identity wishes to portray.


Why Web Changes


Within the digital world, Web Changes have proven effective marketing strategies and have resulted in many satisfied clients. We have assisted them in enhancing their online growth, expertise and decision making process for over 15 years.


All team members have attained reputable qualifications and experience that ensures digital marketing assistance which is result-driven and meets industry standard. We set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals to ensure quality and efficiency. Consistency, transparency and support are key to our success, making us the right agency for successful digital marketing.


We align our work within our clients’ shoes; thereby aligning digital marketing strategies  with companies’ objectives.


How can Web Changes Guide You?


We expose ourselves to the dynamic world of digital marketing and adapt to industry changes. Thus, we warrant up-to-standard, professional and above all powerful effective digital marketing.  Web Changes understands the importance of digital marketing for growth and success.


We guide and inform our clients to their appropriate target audience through digital marketing tools to establish admirable exposure and valuable results. We share the data we collect with our clients in order to assist with their decision making process, and to increase revenue.


Web changes understand the various strategies that are useful in creating a powerful digital marketing strategy that is industry appropriate. Our work has extended across various industries, and our clients consistently receive valuable advice. We understand the overwhelming complexities that this new marketing strategy has posed. We have your back, let us guide you through this. Our experience and expertise allows you to have peace of mind.

Digital marketers are your online salesmen that have direct contact with your target market. They bring in the conversions, gaining business presence online and offline. Stay in line and surpass your competitors. Let Web Changes assist you with an effective online strategy. We will enhance your potential growth and awareness, growing you further.


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31 May 2018

Why Websites are Vital for Success

Websites are like bricks laying the foundation to building your company. Once you have grounded a solid foundation and established relevant content on the website, you can finish the building process by letting the world know about your existence. Websites are crucial: whether your company is big or small, if  technology centers the world, you need to let it center you too.


Why are Websites Vital for Success?

A website is similar to an online brochure: designed, content generated and allows customers to make informed decisions. It is as a form of two-way communication between a company and its target market.

Websites give insight into a business, fostering transparency which increases a company’s credibility. When looking for a company that can offer one the required products or services, one might often outsource the task. The first thing a person does when outsourcing a company is to ask the most trusted person in the world – Google. If your company is not found in the Google search results due to missing a website or ineffective search engine optimization (SEO) content, customers will go to competitors. It is therefore invaluable to have a website. Without it, people won’t be able to know about you, your business or what you have to offer. This not only drives customers away– they simply don’t pitch.

Websites do sales for you. With a properly constructed, SEO friendly and content rich website, customers get all the information they require in terms of your products and services, but also they get a feel of what your company is about and the level of professionalism and quality you portray.

The importance of websites reaches beyond mere building blocks and a petty look. A well-constructed website offers your customers convenience of use as they can read up about you or even make purchases via your website in the comfort of their home – targeting various audiences, enabling your company to reach a larger target market.

Some businesses may already have websites, but how updated is that website? An outdated website can be just as detrimental as not having a website at all. Without the correct information and direction your consumers will have a misperception of your brand which can hurt your business online and offline. This is because it can tarnish a company’s credibility.


What do you need?

An effectively and efficiently designed website needs to be SEO optimized and mobile friendly, containing relevant and interesting content with strong keywords which relate your business goals, products and services. The design and layout has to focus on what your target audience wants and needs.

Moreover, it needs to be appealing to the eye. This will have a long-lasting and perpetual effect through constant updates and maintenance on your website, containing relevant information to direct your clients. Consequently, you will rank at the top google search results above your competitors, as your online presence is boosted.

A key component to any website is content – rich and relevant content. Imagery and creative writing can be very useful, but that all depends on the message a company tries to convey to its audience. All images and content should be relevant and structured in such a fashion so as not to confuse the user.


What’s next?

Websites are only the first step to getting your presence online; it’s time to finish the house and show it off. Now that you’ve let Web Changes create and manage your website, we can explore digital marketing and its importance.

Social media is and ever-growing medium for businesses to communicate with customers. Due to the ease of utility and popularity, it ensures that this medium will never die. It is vital to take the SEO ready website create by Web Changes to the next level: Social Medial Marketing.



Living in a world where everything has become digital makes it necessary for businesses to jump on the bandwagon. You could lose various opportunities if you have not placed your business on the online market. On guarantee people research products and services via Google. Google will definitely put your website on top and in your customer’s hands if you have a well-designed website.

If not, your website will easily become redundant. Well- designed websites will also put you ahead of your competitors in the industry through SEO and well-structured content. The digital world has far more reach than traditional advertising, and it costs next to nothing to employ it into your business practices. Create your online home through Web Changes and let us direct your path to success.




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16 May 2018

Why do Websites need constant Maintenance?

There are no longer days where you could simply create a website and leave it be. In our current world where everything is online, forces constant website maintenance for businesses to communicate effectively and clearly to avoid miscommunication, as well as keep a website running smoothly, to maintain a positive perception, user experience and overall return on investment.

Here are some crucial reasons why your website needs constant maintenance:



Websites allow businesses to gain an in-depth understanding of how they are performing online, through analytics and reports, which companies like Web Changes offer. This information helps the performance of a business online and offline.  It gives you information on customer’s behavior and experience. It can also assist the decision-making process on changes which can enhance user-experience online and offline.


Customer Experience & Interest

The website experience you provide determines how customers perceive your business. Websites need to be customer-centered and relevant. When websites are constantly updated and purchasing and contact points work effectively, they are as should be.

A well-maintained website will attract new customers and maintain interest levels of existing customers, through ease of use and exciting content.


Clean & Fresh Content

Websites are a digital marketing tool. Use this tool to consistently provide new content to inform users and keep them interested. This web maintenance plan constantly updates with fresh content that is exciting and shareable for the customer. It updates any changes to product information and services, keeping your customers correctly informed to avoid confusion.


Leverage Expertise

Web maintenance is not everybody’s cup of high tee. So let the dedicated and highly qualified professionals at Web Changes handle the job for you. They are constantly gaining experience, knowledge and expertise within the industry and therefore know how to handle it.

Employ their expertise to help grow your business. These skills include graphic design, programmers, digital marketers, and copywriters who can effectively maintain your website.


Divide Responsibility

Most small-medium sized companies don’t have an IT department to handle website issues. The solution is to entrust a third-party website maintenance company, like Web Changes, to resolve website issues which won’t take them long, saving you time and money. Leaving the responsibility to a company like Web Changes can allow you to focus on the core responsibilities of your business.


Save Money

Website maintenance companies warrant to be more cost-effective due to no added expenses of employing someone new, which comes with expenses such as a time, salary, healthcare, vacation time and other costs.


Security & Backups

Security is a major reason for website maintenance. Having your business online poses a risk for potential hacking of your information, especially if your website has an online store. Hackers can steal your customer’s information as well, which can tarnish your image and decrease the trust that your customers instill in your company. A web hosting company will ensure that your information is backed up and secure in case something goes wrong.


Maintain Corporate Image

Your website is the public reflection of your image. Poorly maintained websites can cause businesses to deteriorate over time. Maintaining the look and feel of your website through updating it to match your corporate image can avoid tarnishing your image.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Regular maintenance of your site will increase your SEO ranking, as search engines visit your website and rank it based on prerequisites that a website should have. One can achieve this by means of constant and consistent updates. Moreover, your competitors will surpass you in search engine results should regular updates not be performed.


A well-maintained website is vital for real-time viewing to be effective.  All businesses need regular website maintenance to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings and display new information, products, and services.


Let Web Changes handle your website maintenance, with our profound experience and expertise of 14 years.

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08 May 2018

Brands Tree Felling: Case Study



Brands Tree Felling (hereafter referred to as Brands) is a family business that provides tree care and tree maintenance services. They have been in the business for almost three decades and continue to play a vital role in the industry. Even though Brands is a well-established business, they realize the importance of brand-awareness. They know  that it can unlock new markets, and help the environment through tree care on a superior level.



Even though Brands is like a good wine that needs no bush, they needed to focus on generating valuable content that would help establish them as leaders of their field. This is especially since they have faced competition from a number of smaller, less experienced tree fellers. In order for them to realise this, there are two key outcomes that they wanted to achieve:

  1. Improve brand awareness
  2. Increase business in three key areas: Pretoria, Roodepoort and the Northern Suburbs

Brands is in a class of their own, and after all the years in the business, they have built up a respectable and substantial database of contacts that was not being used to its full potential. This created a new opportunity for Web Changes to generate more business from existing clients.



Web Changes firstly focused on generating content for Brand’s website. In doing so we started by writing blog articles on tree care three times a month. Parts of the articles were made into social media posts and posted onto their Facebook page. Links to Brand’s blog articles were also posted onto their Facebook page and they are used for their monthly newsletter that is distributed to an email database of more than 11 000 people.

We assisted Brands target their Pretoria market in creating a dedicated page on their website by using specific keywords that customers in the Pretoria region who are actively looking for a reputable tree feller are likely to type into Google.

Moreover, to help Brands with their willingness for online advertising, we set up a Google AdWords account for them. Since then we have been constantly, persistently and vigilantly monitoring this account to ensure that their advertising budget remains effective and their ads efficient. By adding new keywords, removing redundant ones, inserting negative keywords, and adding ad extensions, we have managed to reduce their Cost-Per-Click while maintaining the amount of traffic generated by the campaign.

Lastly, when Brands was approached by the South African Landscapers Institute to create a dedicated supplier page on the SALI website, we encouraged them to accept the offer and assisted them with the copy and images. Building appropriate links with authoritative sites is an effective way of positively influencing ratings.



Social Media



Since January, the Brands Facebook page has grown steadily and it currently has a total of 597 Likes and 596 total Follows. Their fans frequently interact with the content posted on their Facebook page and the organic reach we have managed to achieve is admirable. Furthermore, Brands has received several positive reviews from satisfied customers on their Facebook page. This gives testimony to the fact that having s social media presence has allowed Brands to engage directly with their target market.

Blogging and Newsletters


Posting regular blogs has not only increased the traffic to the Brands website, but encouraged users to spend more time on the site. We work relevant keywords into the blog.  This not only helps search bots categorize the content, but also increases the number of qualified leads. Overall, the SEO benefits of blogging means that Brands rank well organically.

The newsletter has also proved popular with Brand’s existing customers. After each newsletter has gone out, Brands has received requests for quotes from customers and many have remarked on the quality of the content produced.

Paid Advertising


Even with a small budget, we have been able to maintain a successful Google AdWords Campaign for Brands. With an average of 187 clicks per month we, are confident that Brands is deriving a real benefit from their paid advertising efforts.

With an ad that targets users in Pretoria, Brands has been able to increase their influence in this area. Moreover, their dedicated Pretoria tree felling team is making steady progress in capturing more of the market.

Going forward


Encouraged by the results we have produced so far, Brands is now looking to social media advertising. Given that their Facebook page has performed well organically, we are confident that investing in Facebook Ads will pay dividends.
Brands Tree Fellers is an example of the power of a holistic digital marketing strategy. We use every available tool to boost their online presence. The results aren’t immediate, but the benefits of adopting a long term strategy are significant.


Visit the Brands Tree Felling Website at www.brandstreefelling.co.za for more info.

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23 Apr 2018

The Benefits of Quality Web Design

The Benefits of Quality Web Design

When customers visit a website, the first thing they notice is the design. Studies show that most internet users will leave a website immediately if they regard it as unattractive, unusable or outdated. For that reason, this is why the quality of your website is vital for all businesses.

Let’s have a look at the importance of quality web design, which weighs up the benefits that it can pose for your website.

User-experience Enhanced

For a website to be user-friendly, one must create a positive user-experience for a customer. It needs to have a good navigation and easily manageable. Most importantly, this is essential for keeping your customers on your website for longer, helping them efficiently. This will keep them coming back for further information.

Mobile Friendly – Sticking with the trends 

In the fast track, on-the-go world where everyone is dependent on their mobiles for information, incorporating a mobile responsive website is vital. Therefore, making it easier for visitors to navigate via a smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, influencing the amount of traffic you will receive. Similarly, that is not user-friendly will steer present and potential customers away.

Prospect Customers

Quality web design ensures an avenue for potential customers. Good websites showcase the professionalism of a brand. For that reason, it is a self-sustaining online brochure which can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Consequently, promoting your company even when you’re not.

Brand Awareness

The design aspects a website needs to be consistent with your corporate identity. Consequently, customers will recognize your brand easily. As a result, it instills trust by making them more familiar with your brand. Websites give an opportunity for companies to express newsworthy information that your buyers should know, creating a deeper understanding.

Return on Investment (ROI) 

Web design is an investment. The more you put in, the more you will get out. Implementing quality web design will carry through for a long time. Firstly, quality web design creates a reliable partnership with the designers. Secondly,  they will work with you to apply website maintenance techniques. These techniques include new additions or changes to your site. Lastly, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Data collection

Businesses gain extended knowledge of customers and their purchasing behavior through websites. This is valuable information for any business to have, all thanks to web design. Web designers, like Web Changes, provide website maintenance and reports on your website’s performance. This will indicate areas of improvement, consistently keeping your website up to date.

Reach Target Market

Website content needs to be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, which reaches your target market. To do that, your content needs to be clear and concise. This is what experienced web designers do.

Placement of content is highly important. Spacing and simplicity must be considered as you don’t want to bore the reader with bulky content. Bulky content will steer them away. Rather, the correct spacing will appeal to the viewer and easy to read.

Be ahead of your competitor

Most noteworthy, if your market is overused and abused, then quality web design assist. It can help your company stand out from your competitors. Therefore, allowing customers to have a clearer distinction between you and your competitors.


At Web Changes, we ensure quality Web Design that keeps your website interesting, engaging, user and mobile-friendly, through our experienced team which is qualified, experienced and passionate.


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03 Nov 2017

Why every business needs email marketing

With social media constantly in the spotlight, why should you include email marketing in your marketing strategy? According to Everlytic’s recent Email Marketing Benchmarks Report, South African businesses that engage in email marketing are reaping the benefits.


The state of email marketing in South Africa

Everyltic’s report has revealed what many marketers already know – that people prefer to communicate with businesses via email. Social media is still an important element of your online presence, but it’s email marketing that encourages engagement.


Two of the most interesting statistics to emerge from the report are:


  • Unsubscribe rates have decreased from 0.253% to 0.220%

You are required to provide your subscribers with a clear and easy way to opt out of receiving communications from you. Offering an option to unsubscribe has benefits for businesses too. It’s far better to have a smaller database of customers who are truly interested in your content, then a large database of subscribers that will never open your emails.


The fact that unsubscribe rates have declined may also indicate that businesses are succeeding at producing relevant and engaging content.


  • Mobile rates have increased from 25.88% to 28.10%

With more people relying on their smartphones for internet access, it follows that they’ll be checking their emails throughout the day. Designing your newsletters with mobile users in mind may have an effect on the success of your email marketing efforts.


According to Everlytic’s report, the Lifestyle, Art and Entertainment Industry exceeds all others with more than 35% of their emails being read on a mobile. Clearly, their content is well-suited to this platform and those newsletters should serve as an example to others wishing to emulate their results.


It’s worth investing in email marketing

Yes, writing and designing an enticing newsletter does take time and effort. But there are some very convincing reasons why you should consider investing your time and money in email marketing.


1.Emails work on every platform

Emails work on every platform. This is unlike a website which needs to be responsive and mobile-friendly so as to adapt to smaller screens. It doesn’t matter when, where or how your customers access their emails – they’ll always be able to view your newsletters the way you intended them to.

And unlike social media where you’re limited to the number of characters you can use, a newsletter can be as long or as short as you want it to be.

2.Emails are ideal for keeping your customers up-to-date

Whether you’re running a promotion, received an award or started stocking a new product, a newsletter is the best way to tell your customers about it.

Even if some of the people on your database haven’t bought from you yet, by opting in to receive your newsletters, they’re clearly interested in what you have to offer. If they like your newsletters, they may even share them with other people in their network.

3. You can integrate your emails with your other marketing tactics

If you have different target markets, you can easily divide your database and send different newsletters to your different market segments. This works equally well for B2C and B2B businesses.

In fact, marketers highly recommend that you segment your newsletter list and test and measure the response to your emails. That way you can determine what type of content your customers prefer. Where after you can use that information for future newsletters and marketing campaigns.


4.Emails are cost-effective

Even if you use the services of a digital marketing agency to manage your email marketing, it remains one of the cheapest forms of advertising available. And the larger your database, the more cost-effective it becomes.

This makes email marketing an excellent strategy for small businesses on a budget. Encouraging people to sign up for your newsletters on your website is also a great way to grow your leads. You could even set up a series of newsletters to guide new subscribers through your sales funnel. This will encourage them to make a purchase.

Every business can benefit from email marketing. Thanks to the research carried out by Everlytic, there is proper evidence that South Africans are as responsive to email marketing as consumers overseas.


Keen to try email marketing but don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself? Web Changes can do it for you. Our digital marketing team can create, distribute and manage your newsletters and provide you with a full reporting function. For an effective email marketing service, get in touch with us today.

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27 Oct 2017

Five ways to get more traffic to your eCommerce website

Achieving the number one spot on Google is the Holy Grail for anyone with an e-commerce website. It’s a coveted spot because it gets your business right in front of potential customers who are looking for the product or service you offer.  People search online because it saves them time and if your site is buried on the second or third page of results, it’s unlikely anyone will click on it.


But getting onto the first page takes a combination of SEO savvy and some kind of marketing budget. Beyond setting up AdWords and exchanging links there are some simple things you can do to boost your rankings. In this article, we’ll show you five steps you can take to help your website make the grade, without a whole lot of SEO jargon. These tips are most suitable for e-commerce websites, so let’s get started.


  1. Leverage user-generated content to build trust


Include features on your site that allow your customers to rank and review your products. Not only will this provide with valuable feedback that you can use to improve your offerings, but it will help build trust with your customers. Research has shown that people are more likely to buy from a website that includes customer reviews.


Reviews can increase page rankings by increasing the popularity of your site. This means more users visit it and spend time looking at more than one page.


  1. Create original product descriptions


If you’re stocking common products that may be found on several sites, it’s easy to use the description provided by the manufacturer. But Google isn’t fond of duplicate information. If it comes across two or more pages on your site with the same content it will only index one page.


If your inventory isn’t massive, invest some time or employ a copywriter to come up with fresh product descriptions. Google, just like people enjoys fresh content and it will help your rankings.


  1. Elevate your product categories


After the home page, category pages are the most important part of an e-commerce website. They provide essential information for users and search engines alike. Make you category products more than just a boring list of products. Include information that will help buyers decide what to purchase.


Like product descriptions, avoid generic terms and come up with something fresh, unique and SEO-friendly that helps your visitors.


  1. Provide an internal search function


If you have a large number of products listed on your site, it makes sense to include a search function to make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Add filters, such as colours, sizes or price ranges so customers can drill down into the results to find what they want quickly.

An internal search engine makes it easier for people and search engines to navigate your site.


  1. Optimise your visual content


Using high-quality images and videos are important to customers. Because they aren’t in a store where they can interact with the product, clear images can help convince them to make a purchase. But don’t rely on large files that will only slow your site down because they take too long to load.


Strike a balance between image quality and speed. Otherwise, customers will get bored waiting for an image to load and may leave your site.


For many e-commerce websites, achieving the top spot on Google appears to be the ultimate sign of success. However, what’s more important is whether your site is bringing in qualified leads that convert into sales. The tips we’ve mentioned above will do this and as a result, you’ll also see an improvement in your rankings.

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20 Oct 2017

How to optimise your social media accounts

Social media is an affordable way for small businesses to promote themselves and connect with old and new customers. But in recent years, it has started to influence search rankings. There are two reasons for this: First, it creates another opportunity for you to connect with new customers and second, search engines will pick up on the external links that point to your site from your profile.


Even if you don’t have a social media strategy, implementing the tips we’ve outlined below will help you get more out of social media for your business:


Include social share buttons on your website

Make it easy for people to share your content, and they will. Include links to all the social media platforms you have an account with on your website. Even if a prospect doesn’t buy something on their first visit, following you on social media acts like a bookmark. If they see your posts they may visit your site again.


Don’t forget your blog. Add share buttons to every blog post and focus on creating useful content. People like to share helpful information with their network. And make sure that every profile you have includes a link to your website.


Keep your profiles consistent

All the contact information and even the images you use should be the same across all of your social media profiles. Complete every field on your profile. It may seem like a lot of work, but search engines prefer profiles that have all the required information. It makes your company come across as polished and professional.


Use your SEO keywords in your profile

Using a keyword or phrase in your profile makes it easy for people to find you. This works for searches within the social network and for search engines such as Google and Bing. But it must sound natural. Stuffing keywords in randomly will only make you look unprofessional.


Use hashtags in your posts

Like keywords, it’s important that the hashtags you use are relevant to the audience you want to reach. People use hashtags to find information that they need. Proper use of hashtags will help you to find new audiences outside of your regular followers. Research shows that posts with hashtags get more engagement, so spend some time researching relevant hashtags you can use.


Be social and encourage engagement

Social media is all about relationships. Don’t just post it and forget it. And don’t make the mistake of only posting promotional content. Ask questions, start a conversation and engage with your followers. Share relevant content from your own site and other sites, but make sure your followers will find it helpful or amusing.


Use images properly

Images can be a powerful way to communicate your brand to potential customers. So invest in professional images of a good quality. Check the size guides for each platform and make sure your images are correctly formatted and displayed. Like the language you use, your images should be consistent across all your profiles. This creates a good impression and strengthens your brand.


Use one email address

While you might want to share the social media duties between your employees, it makes sense to use one email address. That way, if someone leaves the company, you can still access your profiles and manage your accounts.


Because social media sites tend to have a high authority ranking, links from social media are considered high-quality. There are many ways you can use optimise your social media, but these tips are a good place to start. Let your audience be your guide and don’t be afraid to experiment.


Prefer to outsource your social media to an agency? Web Changes offers several affordable digital marketing packages to suit your budget. See what social can do for your business.

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08 Sep 2017

The statistics that prove blogging is good for business

For a cost-effective, proven way to generate more leads for your business, it’s hard to beat blogging. Think about it. Your blog keeps on working, even when you’re not in the office. Content that offers real value never gets old. And your target market will find posts that you published several months ago, still offer relevant and useful information.


Blogging is also inexpensive. Apart from the small cost involved in hosting a blog, you don’t have to spend money on it. It does take some and effort, but the results you get are well worth it. If you’re still not convinced that blogging can increase your sales, these ten statistics are bound to change your mind.

1.Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate information online.

Blogging gives you the chance to show off your company’s personality. Written in an informal, less ‘salesy’ tone makes them more personal than advertising copy. Think about your target market and post content that helps people solve problems.

2.Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

Creating relevant content not only makes you look like a leader in your industry, it also increases inbound links to your site. People are always keen to share valuable content. This results in more links sending more visitors your ways.

3.Companies with active blogs generate 55% more site visits.

Blogging regularly can bring more traffic to your site than paid advertising. Users are likely to click on organic search results when they’re looking for information about a product or a company. They’ll also be more receptive to you message if they read your blog.

4.Posting every day generates four times more new leads than if you post once a week or less.

While it may not be possible for a small business to post every day, this statistic makes it clear that it pays to post as often as possible. It may even be worth outsourcing your blog to a specialist. The more you blog, the more you can reap the benefits it offers.

5.80% of blog visits are from new users.

If you’re looking to increase awareness of your brand, this statistic should make you sit up and take notice. Use your blog as an opportunity to connect with new customers as quickly as possible. Get them to sign up for your newsletters. Then you can start your email marketing plan and convert them from a visitor to a paying customer.

6.81% of internet users say they trust information and advice from blogs.

The whole purpose of a blog is to inform prospects and demonstrate how your product or service can make a difference to them. With the right content, your blog can become your most convincing salesperson.

7.61% of customers have made a purchase based on recommendations from blogs.

That’s more than half the number of internet users! If you sell a product, consider looking for people who blog for your target market and ask them to endorse your product on their blog. You get the added bonus of an authentic recommendation of your product.

8.Businesses that blog have more than four times as many indexed pages.

The more pages you have indexed, the bigger your online presence is and this can make a difference to your search rankings. Should you want to be found online, adding blogging to your marketing plan is an easy way to get noticed.


If you’re not blogging for your business, these statistics are a clear indicator that you should get started as soon as possible. If you are blogging, but your attempts are half-hearted and sporadic, these statistics will convince you that you need to step up your game. Blogging does require some thought and effort. Use a content calendar to help you plan your blogs in advance.


Create content that’s useful, good quality and worth sharing, and you’ll find that blogging really can make a difference to your bottom line.


Did you know that our new range of Digital Marketing packages includes blogging and social media management? If you’re interested in outsourcing your blogging, social media and paid advertising, give Web Changes a call today.

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01 Sep 2017

How to get the best out of your online marketing agency

You’ve done the research; asked the tough questions and finally picked an online marketing company that’s going to catapult your business into the stratosphere. You’re done, right? All you need to do now is sit back and smile as the cash roll in? Wrong!


The success of your partnership depends as much on what you bring to the table, as the company you’re working with. To get real value out this partnership there are some things you should bear in mind if you want it to be a success. Here’s what you need to do to get the most out of your online marketing firm:


Give them as much detail about your business as possible

Nobody knows as much about your business as you do. You can’t expect your marketers to go into bat without knowing what you’re all about. Make sure they’re clued up on the following aspects:


  • Your business model: How does the company make its money? Which industries do you operate in? What problem do you help your customers solve?
  • Your marketplace: Who are your customers? What methods are you currently using to get new business? Who is your target demographic?
  • Your company’s goals and objectives: Think about your short-term and long-term goals. Will you open up a new branch? Add more products?
  • Your unique selling point: What sets you apart from the competition? Better service? Superior products? Your knowledge and expertise?
  • Your objectives for online marketing: What’s prompted to you to market online? What do you hope to achieve from online marketing?


Giving information to your online marketing company will help develop a holistic strategy, tailored to the needs of your company.


Educate yourself about what they do

Read articles and books, or ask them to teach you about the work they do. You don’t have to become an expert – after all, that’s why you hired them. But having a basic understanding of terms and concepts will put you in a better position to gauge the work they’re doing.


Besides, online marketing done right makes big difference to any business. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?


Decide what success looks like to you

How will you determine whether the agency you’ve chosen is doing a good job? It helps if you think about your objectives. Did you want to increase brand awareness, the number of customers you have or your profits? Once you’ve figured this out you’ll know how to track the results of campaigns.


Let your internet marketing firm know what kind of reports you need, and how often you want them.


Be patient and give it time

Change doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time. If you’re working with an ethical company that follows the rules when it comes to SEO, you won’t jump to the top of search result pages quickly. Google has worked hard to weed out unsavoury link building practices and it’s not worth trying to cheat your way to the top anyway.


The focus of your online marketing strategy should be to provide value to users. Like in real life, it takes time and consistency to build a good reputation. Don’t try to rush things or give up when things don’t seem to be happening quickly enough.


Solid marketing that increases your authority and value to potential customers over time will pay far bigger dividends in the long run.


Communicate, communicate and communicate!

It’ bears repeating. Like any other partnership, your relationship with your online marketing company depends on an exchange of thoughts and ideas. Don’t give them instructions and expect them to just get on with it.


Get involved. Talk to them about things that concern you and listen to their advice in return.


Hiring someone to take your presence online to the next level is exciting. Work closely with the agency you’ve chosen to make it a real success. And if you’re looking for an agency to partner with, take a look at our digital marketing packages. We have something to suit every business, objective and budget.

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