08 May

Brands Tree Felling: Case Study



Brands Tree Felling (hereafter referred to as Brands) is a family business that provides tree care and tree maintenance services. They have been in the business for almost three decades and continue to play a vital role in the industry. Even though Brands is a well-established business, they realize the importance of brand-awareness. They know  that it can unlock new markets, and help the environment through tree care on a superior level.



Even though Brands is like a good wine that needs no bush, they needed to focus on generating valuable content that would help establish them as leaders of their field. This is especially since they have faced competition from a number of smaller, less experienced tree fellers. In order for them to realise this, there are two key outcomes that they wanted to achieve:

  1. Improve brand awareness
  2. Increase business in three key areas: Pretoria, Roodepoort and the Northern Suburbs

Brands is in a class of their own, and after all the years in the business, they have built up a respectable and substantial database of contacts that was not being used to its full potential. This created a new opportunity for Web Changes to generate more business from existing clients.



Web Changes firstly focused on generating content for Brand’s website. In doing so we started by writing blog articles on tree care three times a month. Parts of the articles were made into social media posts and posted onto their Facebook page. Links to Brand’s blog articles were also posted onto their Facebook page and they are used for their monthly newsletter that is distributed to an email database of more than 11 000 people.

We assisted Brands target their Pretoria market in creating a dedicated page on their website by using specific keywords that customers in the Pretoria region who are actively looking for a reputable tree feller are likely to type into Google.

Moreover, to help Brands with their willingness for online advertising, we set up a Google AdWords account for them. Since then we have been constantly, persistently and vigilantly monitoring this account to ensure that their advertising budget remains effective and their ads efficient. By adding new keywords, removing redundant ones, inserting negative keywords, and adding ad extensions, we have managed to reduce their Cost-Per-Click while maintaining the amount of traffic generated by the campaign.

Lastly, when Brands was approached by the South African Landscapers Institute to create a dedicated supplier page on the SALI website, we encouraged them to accept the offer and assisted them with the copy and images. Building appropriate links with authoritative sites is an effective way of positively influencing ratings.



Social Media



Since January, the Brands Facebook page has grown steadily and it currently has a total of 597 Likes and 596 total Follows. Their fans frequently interact with the content posted on their Facebook page and the organic reach we have managed to achieve is admirable. Furthermore, Brands has received several positive reviews from satisfied customers on their Facebook page. This gives testimony to the fact that having s social media presence has allowed Brands to engage directly with their target market.

Blogging and Newsletters


Posting regular blogs has not only increased the traffic to the Brands website, but encouraged users to spend more time on the site. We work relevant keywords into the blog.  This not only helps search bots categorize the content, but also increases the number of qualified leads. Overall, the SEO benefits of blogging means that Brands rank well organically.

The newsletter has also proved popular with Brand’s existing customers. After each newsletter has gone out, Brands has received requests for quotes from customers and many have remarked on the quality of the content produced.

Paid Advertising


Even with a small budget, we have been able to maintain a successful Google AdWords Campaign for Brands. With an average of 187 clicks per month we, are confident that Brands is deriving a real benefit from their paid advertising efforts.

With an ad that targets users in Pretoria, Brands has been able to increase their influence in this area. Moreover, their dedicated Pretoria tree felling team is making steady progress in capturing more of the market.

Going forward


Encouraged by the results we have produced so far, Brands is now looking to social media advertising. Given that their Facebook page has performed well organically, we are confident that investing in Facebook Ads will pay dividends.
Brands Tree Fellers is an example of the power of a holistic digital marketing strategy. We use every available tool to boost their online presence. The results aren’t immediate, but the benefits of adopting a long term strategy are significant.


Visit the Brands Tree Felling Website at www.brandstreefelling.co.za for more info.

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