09 May

AMCO Waterproofing: Case Study



AMCO Waterproofing (hereafter referred to as AMCO) is a highly experienced waterproofing company offering numerous services to both residential and commercial properties. AMCO assesses the query, then uses one of their various perfected waterproofing methods that produce the best results taken into account our South African Climate.
They are an accomplished company; however, they became conscious of the fact that increasing their brand awareness and search engine optimization (SEO) would put them above their competitors and bring in new clients.




Even though AMCO is a respected company, they don’t have a strong online presence. They therefore needed Web Changes to focus on the following key outcomes that they wanted to achieve:

1. Increase brand awareness
2. Increase their SEO and organic search results
3. Improve their paid search results




Our priority was sorting out everything on social media. As AMCO only had a Facebook account, we assessed what other forms of social media would benefit them, reach and speak to their target audience. We therefore set up LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest accounts. Web Changes. Then we focused on generating valuable, keyword-related and relevant content for AMCO’s website. We wrote blog articles related to waterproofing, shared links to those articles on their social media platforms and we also posted other smaller content pieces and images on all the social media platforms.

Moreover, we have been assisting AMCO with their Google AdWords to enhance their paid search results in Google. We have been adding new keywords, removing redundant ones, inserting negative keywords, and adding ad extensions. By doing so, we have managed to reduce their Cost-Per-Click while maintaining the amount of traffic generated by the campaign. Since then we have been constantly and persistently monitoring this account to ensure that their advertising budget remains effective and their ads efficient.

Lastly, we restructured their website to be more compact and mobile friendly. This will improve their SEO and user mobility.




Social Media


Since the implementation of our strategy, AMCO’s Facebook page has grown steadily and currently has a total of 112 Likes and 114 total Follows. Their followers frequently interact with the content posted on their Facebook page and the organic reach we have managed to achieve is formidable. Furthermore, AMCO has received several great reviews from satisfied customers on their Facebook page. This gives testimony to the fact that having a social media presence has allowed AMCO to engage with their target market directly.


Paid Advertising


With an average of 261 clicks per month, we have been able to maintain a successful Google AdWords campaign for AMCO. We are confident that they are deriving a real benefit from their paid advertising efforts.

AMCO Waterproofing gives testimony to the fact that our digital marketing strategy is integrated and proficient. We have utilized every available tool to build their online presence, increase their SEO and maximize their paid advertising. Even though the results don’t reflect immediately, long-term benefits are remarkable.
Visit AMCO’s website at www.amcowaterproofing.co.za for more information.

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