06 Apr

5 Advantages of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy, used by various businesses online, to gain an online presence. Basically, it is a matter of making sure that your website is structured for search engines to understand your web pages.  The main focus of SEO is to drive traffic, increase awareness within search engines and improve rankings.

It is not just about making it search engine friendly, but also making a site better for your users. Search engines are the road which leads your customers to your website and SEO being the driver that directs them there.  If search engines cannot locate your website and add your information to their databases, you can miss out on a great opportunity to drive traffic to your digital market.

So, with that being said, let’s look at 5 advantages of effective SEO practices.

1.Increases Traffic


SEO will give you results. It might not be immediate, but as soon as you start implementing SEO, traffic will increase at a steady rate. By optimizing your content and having a website with quality keywords, both potential and returning customers will find it easier to search for your products and services.  Thus, increase your click rate and website traffic.

Search engines, like Google, will also rank your site higher on the results page.

2.ROI (Return on Investment)


SEO provides trackable results. Agencies, like Web Changes, can track every aspect of the SEO strategy such as rankings, traffic, and conversions. Higher conversion rates are just one of the incredible benefits of SEO which cannot be compared with any other form of marketing. Search engines actually drive the people who searched your meta tag and meta keywords to your website. These people are your target market, as opposed to adverts which are directed at anyone.

3.Cost -Effective


SEO is the most cost-effective, long-term marketing strategy. Analysing information such as website traffic, conversions and rankings can give you data about your customers which can help you refine your marketing campaign, save money, time and resources.

4. Competitors Are Doing It


SEO is a field which is constantly rising. People are realizing the benefits of SEO. Your competitors realize this too and will take advantage of the opportunity. This could make them appear higher than you, leading customers to click on them first, despite your site offering better prices or services.  Investing in skilled and experienced SEO writers will keep you ahead of your competitors.

5.Brand Awareness


Just like building credibility, businesses that have an established online presence become preferred brands to users who are seeking your products and services. Higher ranked links result in outstanding impressions, increasing exposure. This will instill trust in your brand as higher ranked websites are perceived to be trustworthy.


Regarding all these amazing advantages that SEO has for your online presence, do not hesitate. Web Changes will maintain your website to become SEO friendly. We also send monthly ratings and analytics reports to keep you informed. Suggestions and improvements shall also be provided to keep your digital marketing strategy ahead of your competitors.



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