08 May

AAAMSA Glass Incident Register: Case Study


The Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa (AAAMSA) needed a platform where the general public could log in a glass incident, in order for AAAMSA to review and make improvements for the safety in the glass manufacturing and installations industry.


Web Changes took on the challenge by programming and designing a Glass Incident Register Form, whereby the general public can fill in their glass incidents. The form includes filling in personal details.  It also includes the glass incident details stating the time, place, building and glazing type. The public can also upload necessary documentation or images of the incident to enhance details.

These forms will allow AAAMSA to attend to the public’s feedback that can help the association identify problems. It will also allow them to attend to them accordingly to improve the glass manufacturing and installations industry.


Web Changes helped AAAMSA foster their capabilities to protect the lives of the people who are in the glass and installations industry, as well as the people who invest in it. We also assisted in enhancing the quality of the industry products and services which ultimately will be secure for usage.

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