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7 Reasons to Start a Google Ads Account Today

  1. Google is a massive company with a huge online presence. They have a large reach and you can use that to your advantage. You can piggyback off their network and use it to advertise your business

  2. It is very cost effective. If you compare the price vs. reach of print, tv and billboard media to online marketing, the price difference is astronomical, and your return is so much higher with Google Ads. You reach so much more people for a fraction of the cost online as compared to the more traditional forms of advertising.

  3. Many forms of media advertising are becoming obsolete. For instance, flyers – the hit rate of flyers is 1:1000 – so you only get one phone call from polluting the world with 1000 A5 pieces of paper. Another glaring example – how many people still watch TV ads? More and more people nowadays spend time on Netflix or other platforms, choosing what they want to watch and opting out of watching annoying ads. Gone are the days when the entire family must painfully sit through 3 minutes of advertisements while waiting for the second half of their favourite TV shows. Yet, the average price for a TV ad is astronomical compared to online ads.

  4. You reach an audience that is already interested in your product online. Google Ads has targeting capabilities that traditional media will never have. If you use Google Ads, you target a specific audience that is already open to buying a product or service like yours. Otherwise they would not be searching for it online. A TV ad plays to anyone who watches – you have little control over who sees it.

  5. It works faster that organic SEO – you can appear in the first three slots on the first page of every search related to your keywords if you have set your campaign up correctly. This can happen instantly, whereas it takes about three to six months for a new website to be indexed before it will appear in search results. Even after your site has been indexed, in some industries, it will take years to beat the already established on organic SEO.

  6. You can work within your budget – you can customize how much you spend per month, day and even click with easily customizable budgeting settings. You can start with a budget of as little as R10 per day. There is no minimum spend on the daily budget.

  7. Get more in-depth info on why and how people buy – this could give you a massive competitive edge when used correctly.


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