13 Apr

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is by far the most commonly used marketing tool to date. In a world where information is at our fingertips, traditional media platforms, such as newspapers, are rarely used . It therefore increases the importance to stay connected and keep up to date with the world around us. This also applies to businesses, big or small, which need to be present in the ever-growing world of social media.

Social Media Marketing is currently the key focus in companies’ marketing strategies, allowing a company to have a voice to their audience as well as the audience themselves.

Here are a few important factors which social media platforms deliver.


Brand Awareness & Engagement

Customers can actively engage and share your story with others through sharing relevant content and giving feedback. Sharing of your content has a snowballing effect whereby more shares increase more engagement with your brand and potential customers. This will then increase the chances of your content going viral, increasing conversion rates and creating awareness.

Engagement with your customers will result in them feeling free to generate feedback, comments, and reviews of your products and services to their social circle, creating a word-of-mouth action which is the most effective tool of creating awareness of a brand.  To do this, your brand needs to create content that inspires a conversation. One can do this through asking open-ended questions, creating content that relates to the customer which is valued added and can be shared or include your target audiences, such as a shout-out or a call to action.


Reputation & Crisis Management

Feedback, comments, and reviews allow companies to employ reputation and crisis management through monitoring and attending to them accordingly, whereby one can foresee possible issues. It is in your best interest to monitor feedback as a method to rectify any issues that may be detrimental to your brand image. Customers expect companies to manage their requests and complaints through social media as they are aware that their voice will get their social circle to support their claims.


Humanize your brand

Marketing through social media allows your company to build and maintain relationships with customers through open, two-way communication that is fast and easy. Allowing your customers to reach you at any time, which instills dependency and trust into your brand.

Use social media as a tool to showcase your brand’s personality and culture. This needs to be consistent across all platforms and fit the perceptions you want your readers to understand.


Establish Brand Authority

Social media allows your company to establish authority within your industry, by means of sharing relevant content, answering industry-related questions or being the go-to source for information.



Social media is a great platform to share your brand’s mission and stories. Effective stories can have a beneficial impact on your brand image whether they are simple or not.

An example of this would be sharing social responsibility acts. This shows that your company is active in making a difference to the environment in which the business and the customer lives in.


Event Marketing

Does your company attend or sponsor conferences or other events? Then incorporate this into your social media efforts to cross-link to reputable industry events. This will exhibit trust in your brand. It also gives customers industry related content and markets your brand to existing and potential customers within your target market.


If you are looking to get your company onto the social media market, let Web Changes manage it for you. We offer efficiency and experience in social media marketing which will get your brand out to the world.

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