14 Aug

Web Changes introduces Digital Marketing packages for every business

Web Changes introduces Digital Marketing packages for every business

If you’re doing business without an online marketing strategy you’re going to struggle. But not every business can afford to hire a dedicated marketing manager. A few business owners have the time to create and manage the content required for posts, blogs and newsletters.

Over the years, many of our web maintenance customers expressed a need for assistance with marketing their business online. That demand prompted us to create a Digital Marketing division staffed with experts in copywriting, social media management and online advertising.

The responses from our clients, and the results generated from the strategies we’ve employed have convinced us that there is a very real need for this type of service. Now, we’ve packaged our offerings to make it even easier for small, medium and large businesses to outsource their digital marketing.

Pick your package

Whether you just want a professional social media presence, or you’re ready to invest in Google Adwords, you’ll find a package that suits your requirements – and your budget:

Cost: R1800/month

Ideal for businesses with no existing social media presence, and no idea where to start. We’ll set up two accounts for you and manage them on your behalf. That means we’ll create and source content that your audience will find informative and entertaining.

We’ll also set up a blog page on your website and post one 500-800 word article on it every month. We’ll share links to your blog on your social media accounts and that will help to drive more traffic to your site. You’ll also get an hour of telephonic support every month.

Cost: R2550/month

Designed for businesses that want to harness the power of blogging and newsletters to maintain and grow their customer base, the Base Builder includes the set up and management of two social media accounts, a monthly blog post and a monthly newsletter.

With the Base Builder you can actively engage your existing customers and generate new leads by encouraging visitors to your website to sign-up for your monthly newsletter.

Cost: R4000/month

The more top-quality content you create, the more brand awareness you can generate. The Brand Boaster takes your digital marketing to the next level by adding an extra blog post to the mix along with a monthly newsletter and two social media accounts.

Cost: R6000/month

With the addition of paid marketing, you can actively market yourself to new customers. The Lead Liberator package includes an audit of your current marketing strategy with suggestions for improvement.
Your website will be optimised for SEO and we’ll help you set up and maintain three social media profiles. Every month you’ll get two blog posts and a newsletter with a full analytics report.

We’ll also set up and manage paid advertising for you on three channels. You decide the budget and we’ll make sure your advertising delivers the results you want.

Cost: R7000/month

If you’re serious about using online marketing to grow your business, the Marketing Maven is the equivalent of having a full-service marketing company at your disposal.

At our first meeting, our team will analyse your current marketing strategy and provide you with a detailed digital marketing plan going forward. Your business will have a presence of all of the major social media platforms, complemented by paid advertising on three channels.

You’ll receive four carefully researched and well-written articles every month along with a monthly newsletter and full reporting on all your digital marketing activities. Our digital marketing manager will meet with you every month to discuss and refine your strategy and provide suggestions. You also get unlimited email and telephonic support, which effectively makes us your marketing partner.

If you’re wondering whether investing in online marketing will really make a difference to your business, read our case study on Brands Tree Felling. Although you wouldn’t expect a tree feller to engage in social media and online marketing, they have received a tremendously positive response to their online marketing efforts.

We’d like to do the same for your business and we’re always keen to show you what can be accomplished with a strategy that’s tailored to suit your requirements. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a member of our digital marketing team.

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