01 Sep

How to get the best out of your online marketing agency

You’ve done the research; asked the tough questions and finally picked an internet marketing company that’s going to catapult your business into the stratosphere. You’re done, right? All you need to do now is sit back and smile as the cash roll in? Wrong!


The success of your partnership depends as much on what you bring to the table, as the company you’re working with. To get real value out this partnership there are some things you should bear in mind if you want it to be a success. Here’s what you need to do to get the most out of your online marketing firm:


Give them as much detail about your business as possible

Nobody knows as much about your business as you do. You can’t expect your marketers to go into bat without knowing what you’re all about. Make sure they’re clued up on the following aspects:


  • Your business model: How does the company make its money? Which industries do you operate in? What problem do you help your customers solve?
  • Your marketplace: Who are your customers? What methods are you currently using to get new business? Who is your target demographic?
  • Your company’s goals and objectives: Think about your short-term and long-term goals. Will you open up a new branch? Add more products?
  • Your unique selling point: What sets you apart from the competition? Better service? Superior products? Your knowledge and expertise?
  • Your objectives for online marketing: What’s prompted to you to market online? What do you hope to achieve from online marketing?


Giving information to your online marketing company will help develop a holistic strategy, tailored to the needs of your company.


Educate yourself about what they do

Read articles and books, or ask them to teach you about the work they do. You don’t have to become an expert – after all, that’s why you hired them. But having a basic understanding of terms and concepts will put you in a better position to gauge the work they’re doing.


Besides, online marketing done right makes big difference to any business. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?


Decide what success looks like to you

How will you determine whether the agency you’ve chosen is doing a good job? It helps if you think about your objectives. Did you want to increase brand awareness, the number of customers you have or your profits? Once you’ve figured this out you’ll know how to track the results of campaigns.


Let your internet marketing firm know what kind of reports you need, and how often you want them.


Be patient and give it time

Change doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time. If you’re working with an ethical company that follows the rules when it comes to SEO, you won’t jump to the top of search result pages quickly. Google has worked hard to weed out unsavoury link building practices and it’s not worth trying to cheat your way to the top anyway.


The focus of your online marketing strategy should be to provide value to users. Like in real life, it takes time and consistency to build a good reputation. Don’t try to rush things or give up when things don’t seem to be happening quickly enough.


Solid marketing that increases your authority and value to potential customers over time will pay far bigger dividends in the long run.


Communicate, communicate and communicate!

It’ bears repeating. Like any other partnership, your relationship with your online marketing company depends on an exchange of thoughts and ideas. Don’t give them instructions and expect them to just get on with it.


Get involved. Talk to them about things that concern you and listen to their advice in return.


Hiring someone to take your presence online to the next level is exciting. Work closely with the agency you’ve chosen to make it a real success. And if you’re looking for an agency to partner with, take a look at our digital marketing packages. We have something to suit every business, objective and budget.

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