28 Jul

Could playing a board game make you better at business?

Normally, playing games at the office would get you a written warning. But what if getting your employees to sit down and play a board game could actually improve your bottom line? Vantagepoint is that game.

Last week, our team had the opportunity to play the game and discovered just how much fun learning about business can be. We were fortunate enough to have Mark Williams, one of the creators of the game, as our facilitator.

Vantagepoint the Business Board Game

Vantagepoint is a board game that simulates starting and running a business. It’s best played with nine people, divided into groups of three. Each team starts by choosing a name for their business and deciding whether to start off as a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company.

Then it’s a case of rolling the dice and making your way around the board. The blocks you land on determine what happens to your company. For example, you may land on a Sales Opportunity or a Lucky Break and win the chance to improve your cash flow. But real business is rarely smooth sailing and you could lose out on a lucky break if your business doesn’t meet the requirements.

If you make it around the board, you’ll land on the Month End block which follows much the same routine as a normal business would. There are orders to cash in, salaries to pay and the tax man has to get his cut too!

The aim of the game

The game doesn’t have to end, but when you finally decide to stop playing, determining the winner comes down to who has the most profitable business. It’s not simply a case of counting out all your money; you’ll need to follow proper procedure for closing down a business. That means you’ll have to pay back any loans, pay your staff and calculate your net assets.

It’s clear from the start that the aim of the game is to increase sales. This is what keeps the cash flow going and it’s an important lesson for any business owner or entrepreneur to learn early on in the game of business.

What your business can learn from playing Vantagepoint

You’d be amazed how much your employees could learn about business from playing Vantagepoint. To start with, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of different company structures. You’ll learn the difference between a Sales Order and a Sales Pipeline, and why you shouldn’t count your money until it’s in the bank!

Apart from learning about business, you’ll learn more about your colleagues, and how they think. You might even start to appreciate all the challenges your boss faces every month! It’s almost impossible to think of another board game that teaches you so much about business, people and life.

Ready to roll the dice?

Vantagepoint is ideal for team building because it requires communication and team work. It also offers you the ideal opportunity to teach your staff about the complexities of running a business. Before you can start playing, you’ll need to have a session with one of Vantagepoint’s accredited facilitators.  For more information, email info@vantagepoint.co.za or visit www.vantagepoint.co.za

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